Dark Era gets a 5-star review from Sound on Sound!

My first library in 2006 got 5 stars from Sound on Sound, I was so impressed. That review made me keep developing more and more. So every time it happens again, I have such an special feeling that cannot express with words. Thank you very much for this!


“Producer Eduardo Tarilonte has earned an excellent reputation for his sample libraries. His latest release — Dark Era — slots in alongside a number of other Era titles and provides a collection of instruments and soundscapes inspired by the sounds of Vikings and the dark ages.” continue reading >>

Celtic Era 2 released!

Celtic Era 2 released!Experience the authentic Sound of Celtic Myths with the release of Celtic Era 2! Now available on Best Service, this library will bring you through the high north.

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Forest Kingdom 3 Released!

Forest Kingdom 3 is now available!"Mother Nature conducts what is probably the largest orchestra on our planet. The wind blowing through the leaves, the birds singing loudly - countless natural instruments are constantly writing new and unique music. Forest Kingdom 3...

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