Dark Era gets a 10/10 review from MusicTech!

I am thankful beyond words. Dark Era got the Excellence Award from MusicTech Magazine! The best reward for such a tough making library I could ever think of. 
And of course, thanks to all composers for your constant support and love 


“Simply beautiful recorded, great phrases for instant inspiration, nice effects and envelope extras, very easy to use. Dark Era is Tarilonte at his best, providing all the authenticity you need in the instruments and then going wild in the soundscapes. Absolute genius” continue reading >>

Celtic Era 2 released!

Celtic Era 2 released!Experience the authentic Sound of Celtic Myths with the release of Celtic Era 2! Now available on Best Service, this library will bring you through the high north.

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Forest Kingdom 3 Released!

Forest Kingdom 3 is now available!"Mother Nature conducts what is probably the largest orchestra on our planet. The wind blowing through the leaves, the birds singing loudly - countless natural instruments are constantly writing new and unique music. Forest Kingdom 3...

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