Quetzal just released!

Quetzal – Something between myth and reality

Fly with us on the back of the quetzal, a bird found in the cloud forests of Central America, and discover the mystical expanses of the Mesoamerican jungle. Quetzal by Eduardo Tarilonte captures the sounds of a sublime era of mystical civilizations that seemed lost in the mists of time.

Celtic Era 2 released!

Celtic Era 2 released!Experience the authentic Sound of Celtic Myths with the release of Celtic Era 2! Now available on Best Service, this library will bring you through the high north.

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Forest Kingdom 3 Released!

Forest Kingdom 3 is now available!"Mother Nature conducts what is probably the largest orchestra on our planet. The wind blowing through the leaves, the birds singing loudly - countless natural instruments are constantly writing new and unique music. Forest Kingdom 3...

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