Here’s what the experts are saying about Eduardo’s libraries.

One of the fathers of New Age music, internationally renowned composer and musician Kitaro writes the following review of Nada:

“Eduardo Tarilonte’s NADA takes me to my deep inside spirit and sparks my creativity, expanding it with unlimited imagination.”


World Renowned Composer & Musician

Composer of films such as the Hunger Games, Snow White & The Huntsman, Batman Begins, and King Kong, James Newton Howard is a prominent composer in the film industry. He writes, regarding Forest Kingdom:

“The Forest Kingdom library has been an inspiring addition to my palette. The performance legato featured on the solo ethereal voice is programmed remarkably well and I’ve used a variety of the library’s sounds on several of my most recent film scores including Snow White and The Huntsman.”

James Newton Howard

Hollywood Film Composer

Alberto Iglesias is an award winning composer, who has been nominated for 3 Oscar Academy Awards. Composer of Exodus from Ridley Scott, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Che Part One and Two, The Constant Gardener and all Pedro Almodovar films, he writes, regarding Mysica, Female Chamber Choir:

“Mystica is a new hit in the collection of sampled voices by Eduardo Tarilonte. A magnificent sound quality, versatility and ease of use, joined by musicality and good taste.”

Alberto Iglesias

Composer, Oscar Nominee

Michael Cretu is one of the world’s famous composers and producers, whose Enigma project is number one in 24 countries. Holder of 17 platinum and 25 gold records, with more than 100 million sold. Said, regarding Cantus, Gregorian chants:

“For me Cantus is the best Plug-In for Gregorian Choirs ever. The recording quality is superb! I certainly will use Cantus in one of my future productions.”

Michael Cretu

Composer, Producer, ENIGMA

Luc Arbogast is an accomplished singer/songwriter from France, who has appeared on the Voice. As someone who specializes in Medieval music, he offered the following endorsement:

“In Eduardo Tarilonte’s sample libraries, especially ‘Era II Medieval Legends,’ I have found exceptional sound quality creative tools and a huge variety of early instruments. In my work, I place big demands on quality and workflow, particularly orchestration and high quality atmospheres. It has been a huge pleasure for me to work with these powerful tools and adapt them to my musical universe.”

Luc Arbogast

Singer, Songwriter

Einar Selvik is a composer and musician known for Wadruna, and the History Channel’s Vikings soundtrack. He writes the following endorsement of Dark Era:

“Dark Era gives you access to a great selection of rare and hard-to-get instruments along with complimenting soundscapes as well as smart and easy solutions for playing and replicating the real deal. Great job, Eduardo! So if you want to add some solid historical texture to your music and don’t happen to own a wide selection of obscure historical instruments – this is the library to get!”

Einar Selvik


2-Time Emmy winning composer Trevor Morris, has scored films and tv shows such as The Borgias, Immortals, The Scorpion King 3, The Tudors, and Vikings. Regarding Era, Medieval Legends, he writes:

“I have lived in the language of Ancient and Medieval instruments for more than a few years in my work on “The Tudors” and “Pillars of the Earth”, and I can say that ERA is the best sounding, most cinematic library of its kind I have heard. An instant addition to my palette, Bravo.”

Trevor Morris

2-Time Emmy Winning Composer

Ruper Gregson-Williams is a Hollywood Film Composer, and has worked with Disney and Dreamworks in several films, including Wonder Woman, Bee Movie, Over the Hedge, Hotel Rwanda, and The Legend of Tarzan. He has used many of Eduardo’s libraries, and writes:

Vocal Codex: “Vocal Codex is another superb library from Eduardo. The quality of the recordings and the programming details are top notch, and the new colours of these vocals go straight into my palette”

Mystica, Female Chamber Choir: “Mystica will go straight into my Pallette. Eduardo Tarilonte has captured a choir with a unique colour and an impressive legato function that will prove extremely useful”

Era Medieval Legends: “Era has been loaded into my template, and has already proven really useful. Eduardo Tarilonte’s attention to detail is always top drawer.”

Rupert Gregson-Williams

Hollywood Film Composer

Neal Acree is an award winning film, television and video game composer whose work includes the massively popular game franchises World of Warcraft, Overwatch, StarCraft, Diablo, Chinese MMO Revelation Online, shows like Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Witchblade and 30 feature films. He gives the following endorsement regarding Vocal Codex:

“Eduardo Tarilonte has done it again with Vocal Codex. This time creating some of the most unique and inspiring celtic and early music voices I’ve ever heard in a sample library. Another “must have” for any composer looking for a unique and evocative new sound to infuse into their music.”

Neal Acree

Award-Winning Film, Television and Video Game Composer

Composer of films such as Ice Age, Scoby Doo, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Flinstones, Anastacia, and Matilda, Davide Newman gives a few reviews of Eduardo’s libraries:

Forest Kingdom II: “The best thing I can say: “it’s simply awesome!”

Epic World: “It is exciting to discover a sound developer who is creating something both traditional (his Accordions and Anthology Flutes) as well as sounds that are completely original and unique (Epic World and Sampled Landscape). I look forward to hearing what he will come up with next!”

Desert Winds: “Desert Winds really “speaks” as a library, allowing me to write fluid, flowing lines that would be difficult with other libraries of this type”

David Newman

2-Time Emmy Winning Composer

Video game composer of games including Assassin’s Creed, Borderland, Splinter Cell, Hitman, and The Resistance Series, Jesper Kyd ( reviewed both Accordians and Desert Winds:

“Accordions is the most realistic and playable accordion library out there. The superior sound quality means it blends perfectly with my palette of instruments.”

“Eduardo has created another great instrument with Desert Winds. The ethnic flutes are performed with a lot of emotion and passion which makes them ideal for cinematic soundtracks.”

Jesper Kyd

Video Game Composer

With 3 Grammy nominations, 20 Billboard hits, and millions of fans worldwide, David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the best contemporary instrumental musicians of our time. Known for his Celtic inspired, world beat new age fusion, he continues to create distinctive tracks that set him apart from other composers. Arkenstone was also a member of the composing team who developed the music for Blizzard Activision’s World of Warcraft videogame’s Cataclysm expansion.

“Eduardo’s beautiful sample libraries enhance the spirit of my music. They are full of unique inspiration.”

David Arkenstone

Composer, Grammy Nominee

Having worked on video games such as Crysis 2, Stranglehold, Halo Legends, and worked with artists including Sarah Brightman, Gregorian, and made appearances on American Idol and America’s Got Talent, Alex Pfeffer writes on both Forest Kingdom and Epic World:

“In case you ever wondered what Elves and Ents are dreaming about, it definitely must contain Forest Kingdom. Beautiful and stunning soundscapes from nature and the forest meet brilliant recorded and programmed ethnic instruments. Eduardo definitely created a sample library masterpiece!.”

“If you are about to create amazingly unique and alive sounding atmospheres and ambiences, then Epic World is definitely the way to go. Combine these features with the Instrument & Voices section and you probably get the most powerful tool to support any fantasy world you can imagine!”

Alex Pfeffer


You can see more of Craig’s impressive history at Craig has worked on a variety of TV series, including Jackie Chan Adventures, Powerpuff Girls, Fairly Odd Parents, Men in Black Series, Duck Dodgers, Jimmy Neutron, and Dragon Tales. He wrote about Anthology Celtic Wind, Spiritual Wind and Sampled Landscape:

“Bela D Media’s Anthology collections gets a lot of use in my music productions. The sounds are great and the patches immediately playable and easy to use. Both wind collections are “must have’s” for my work. Sampled Landscape is an intriguing product with lots of cool sound design and usable raw material.”

Craig Sharmat

TV Composer

Video Game composer of Rayman Origins, The Adventures of Tintin: The Shadow of the Unicorn among others, Christophe writes, regarding Era, Medieval Legends:

“As a composer I worked last year on Rayman Origin’s, a UbiSoft Video Game. I needed to find Middle-ages Instruments to animate the World of princesses and dragons in our next project, Rayman Legend ! I found all I needed in ERA. I was really thankful to Eduardo to have succeeded in making such wonderful program allowing the best playability possible.
Thank you Eduardo for your wonderful work.”

Christophe Heral

Video Game Composer

Composer of films including Moviewise Lately, The Help, The Debt, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Hard Wired, Immortals, and Underworld 4 Awakening, Steve Tavaglione writes:

“The world of samples is a much better place due to Eduardo’s impeccable libraries. I have found much success with them in motion pictures and tv shows that I work on. Highly Recommended.”

Steve Tavaglione

Film Composer

Composer for film, tv and video games: Transformers, God of War series, & Conan, Mike Regan writes, regarding Forest Kingdom:

“Forest Kingdom is a giant leap forward for creating fantasy worlds with sonic integrity, intelligent scripting, and sheer musicality. A true gem! Thank you Eduardo, and Best Service!”

Mike Regan

Film, TV & Video Game Composer

Composer of the Commandos Series, Planet 51 The Game, Praetorians, and Imperial Glory, Mateo Pascual ( reviews Epic World:

“Epic World is the perfect weapon for creating ambient cues. The organic and lively Drones and Pads are like no other and I love the way you can transform the sound in real time playing with the different layers. Epic World is a must have for film, tv & media composers.”

Mateo Pascual

Nick’s portfolio includes compositions for The Illustrated Mom, Sold, Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory, Half Man Half Tree, My Schocking Story, Odd Squad, Timwatch, and Girls In Love. He wrote, about Anthology Celtic Wind, Spiritual Wind and Retro Flute:

“I’m currently scoring a series for The Discovery Channel in which Bela D Media’s Spiritual Wind, Celtic Wind and Retro Flute are featured extensively. All four products generate inspiration and emit total playability right out of the box. To summarize, the executive producer behind the TV series said, when referring to Spiritual Wind’s Duduk, That sound is amazing!”

Nick Harvey


Composer for tv and film, Bill’s projects include: CSI: New York TV Series, Wolfenstein, The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction, & Command and Conquer. Bill reviews Accordians with the following thoughts:

“Eduardo’s Accordions library takes accordion sampling to the next level! I was concerned that the patches wouldn’t be expressive enough for the film music I’m working on currently, as I’m using a lot of live instruments… But these patches are totally expressive and organic! I’m able to create a very realistic mock-up… and whether dry or through multiple effects, it is totally working in the mix…”

Bill Brown

Film & TV Composer